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Breakfast for dinner. Yes that’s dog food lol, 🐶Molly eats dinner outside with me…carry everything on my handy tray so it’s one trip. It’s been a long 😒day with little sleep and I didn’t want to go for a walk👣. But I thought do I want those strong, sexy 💋legs I had in 2012? The image had me lacing up my #saucony 👟shoes and pushing us out the door! I want that healthy body 💪back and I won’t get it sitting on my butt! I had some food 🍫mistakes today but that didn’t mean throw the whole day out! 🙌 No excuses today…just training for a healthy life! 😆#backtosquareonefitness #weightlossjourney #workinprogress #balance #positivelife #fitlife #fitfam #fitness #fitchick #fitgirlgoals #girlsgonestrong #goals #healthylife #grateful #motivation #livelifeoutloud #blessed

Saw this chalk encouragement on my walk last night. There must’ve been a 5k there at some time by all the messages. I thought it was very motivating not just on my walk but in life. No matter what just keep going…times will get rough and it will want to give up…but I won’t. Because reaching those goals I set for myself is more important than temporary laziness, tiredness or frustration. It’s worth it all in the end! I won’t be afraid to lose sight of the life I’ve always known for a better one I’m sailing for.
Oh and dinner was simple BBQ chicken pizza and asparagus! Yum!



Hey! I’m Lily and I’m 20 years old, 5’4”

I started my weight loss journey in fall 2012, I was over 200lbs I refused to step on the scale when my weight reached that. I decided to start exercising shortly after and I used cardio and clean eating to drop the weight. I went all the way down to 119lbs But with no muscle tone and extra skin I decided to incorporate weight lifting into my workouts. I now weigh about 138lbs. I still eat clean and gluten-free, high protein, and I’m so happy! Follow my blogs to hear more about my journey! :)

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